WORSHIP TIMES North Indy: 8:00, 9:45, 11:30 a.m. | Fishers: 9:30 a.m.
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Adult Big Groups

We invite you to supplement the weekly sermon with an Adult Big Group. These community-oriented adult Bible fellowship classes are designed to engage you with prayer, teaching, discussion, fellowship, and ministry.  

Adult Big Groups are as diverse as the people that are in them, so we recommend visiting several to get a feel for their structure. No two classes are alike, so search until you find one that fits your personality. Most importantly, pray that God will lead you to the class He has in mind for you.

Class topics change frequently, so check the monthly newsletter for up-to-date details. 

All Adult Big Groups meet from 9:45 to 10:55 on Sunday morning unless otherwise noted. 

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Phil Frye (Truth Seekers) // E|104 // All Ages
This class looks at Bible passages and topics and applies them to the needs of the people through teaching and discussion. 

Joe Bartemus (Koinonia) // Chapel A // All Ages
This class generally goes through a book of the Bible and the teacher reviews the text and offers questions regarding the application of the passage. 

Dave Crichlow (Bible Study) // E|101 // All Ages
This class covers books of the Bible and includes the teacher and class seeking the meaning of the book and its application. 

20somethings Class // East Rooms // Young adults, Single or Married // 11:30am
The class format is interactive and designed to encourage spiritual growth and relationship building. In addition to the Sunday morning gathering, a variety of small groups (men, women, mixed) meet weekly or bi-weekly in a variety of locations on the north and west side of Indianapolis. Frequent fellowship activities and service projects are scheduled throughout each month. 

Rob Loy (Bible Study) // East Room A (S|106A) // All Ages
The class is teacher-directed with a time of fellowship at the beginning of the the class. There are also opportunities to connect outside of class. 

David Hoffeditz (Eleutheros) // E|106 //  Primarily Young Couples; Singles Welcome
The class studies books of the Bible and other books as well. There are a number of community activities for men, women, and families. 

Jim Milligan and Todd Ruetz (Be One) // Chapel B // All Ages
The class studies books of the Bible moving from the Old to the New Testament. 

Jim Nossett (Bible Study) // East Room B (S|106B) // All Ages
Jim Nossett teaches in an expository fashion through various books of the Bible. This interactive class is always applicable and taught with Jim's beloved warmth and humor. 

Jim Williams (New World) // Basement //  Mostly Young Adults
The first 45 minutes of the class are in a large group, with discussion-style Bible teaching. Then the class breaks into small groups that meet in the various rooms in the basement. These small groups are a form of flock group, with activities outside of Sunday morning and prayer for one another throughout the week. 

Bob and Karen Pourcho (Post-Nuptials) // E|110 // Newlyweds & Young Families 
Tailored to meet the needs of young marrieds & young families, our class will encourage you to grow deeper in your faith, build relationships, and live with purpose. Ongoing topics alternate between marriage studies, topical issues, and books of the Bible. Starting Nov. 2 we will be beginning a new 12-week series led by Chip Ingram: Culture Shock – Developing Convictions in an Age of Confusion

Jim and Barb Standish (Compass) // 11:30 - 12:45 p.m. //  E|110  // Middle-Aged Singles
A group focused on singles in their 30s and 40s who are interested in developing a deeper walk with Christ while also developing a community of believers within College Park Church.