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Awana stands for "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed" and comes from 2 Timothy 2:15. The goal of the Awana ministry is to teach children who Jesus is, help them to learn the Word of God, and train them to apply the Bible's teachings to their lives. It is our desire to partner with parents in training children to know, love and serve God.

Awana meets every Wednesday evening from 6:15 - 8:15 p.m. during the school year for children ages 3 - 12th grade. 

Yearly Calendar 2014-2015 (updated Nov 4, 2014)

The Awana Clubs are broken down below by age:

awana_graphic_puggleslogoPUGGLES2.5-3 year olds (Available for Awana volunteers' children only)

awana_graphic_cubbieslogoCUBBIES – 3-5 year olds (Must be entering Kindergarten by Fall 2016 and be potty trained.)

awana_graphic_sparkslogoSPARKS – Kindergarten - 2nd grade 

awana_graphic_tntlogo T&T (TRUTH & TRAINING) – 3rd - 6th grades  

 awana_graphic_treklogo TREK 7th - 8th grades

awana_graphic_journeylogo JOURNEY – 9th - 12th grades

Review changes happening in the 2014-2015 school year here.

Registration for the Awana 2014-2015 year is currently closed (except for Trek and Journey clubs). To join the waiting list for Awana 2014-2015 click here.


Have questions or looking for more information? Contact Jenn Markette, Awana Administrative Assistant 317.875.0282 x173. 



 Are you new to Awana this year?  Or are you confused about something in the Awana ministry?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, and see if that helps!

1. Does my child need a uniform? Or a new uniform?  If a child is new to Awana or has moved up into a new club, they need to receive a new uniform in order to receive the patches and jewels that they earn.  However, a uniform is not required to participate in a club.  A uniform can be purchased by completing a purchase envelope and paying with check or cash and submitting the payment envelope to the Awana Welcome Desk.  

2. What is a "Theme Night"?  A Theme Night is an Awana evening where Sparks (K-2nd grade) and Truth & Training clubbers are encouraged to dress up or do something according to a certain theme.  Theme Nights include "Who Is Your Hero Night" on Oct 1 where clubbers can dress as their favorite hero (real life or make believe) and "Give Thanks Night" on Nov 5 where clubbers can bring a thank you note for their Awana leaders.  Participating in a Theme Night earns each clubber one share they can spend later at the Awana store.  Birthday Nights are a night when birthdays and half-birthdays that occur during that month are recognized by a club leader. All of our Awana Theme Nights are described on our Awana 2014 Calendar.  

 3. What are "shares"? And what is the Awana store?  Shares are earned by clubbers to purchase items in the Awana store about two times each year.  Clubbers earn shares by completing handbook sections, participating in Theme Nights, wearing their uniform, bringing their Bible, bringing a friend to Outreach Nights, and may receive shares for exhibiting outstanding character during club time (at leader's discretion).  The Awana store is a designated room where the clubbers are able to spend their shares for various fun items that they can take home.  If you're child brings home some fun items after an Awana night, don't worry: it was probably because they spent the shares which they earned at the Awana store! 

Have questions or looking for more information? Contact Jenn Markette, Awana Administrative Assistant 317.875.0282 x173. 



Who inspired you as a kid to really know God and follow Him?

We want our kids to say your name in 20 years!
Awana is a unique opportunity to build Jesus-focused relationships with kids:

  • learning Bible verses together with a small group of your very own
  • bonding with kids and leaders through great games
  • and helping boys and girls apply what they've learned from large group teaching

It is our volunteers who inspire kids from nursery through high school to really make their faith their own. 

And we would love to have you join the 44% of our team that is already signed up for next year, so that together we can inspire our kids to know, love, and serve Jesus!

Check out our various positions online and discover the details of the different ways to serve in our Wednesday evening ministry to kids and families through Awana!

To let us know you're interested, click the link below to fill out our Volunteer Interest Form, and we'll be in contact with you! We look forward to having you jump onto the team and start inspiring kids!

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Questions? Contact Children's Ministries Recruiter Debra Scheffler 317.875.0282